Augmented Reality To Help Facilitate Your Online Shopping Experience

The frustrating aspect of buying your clothes online, is the uncertainty of knowing whether the items you have purchased are going to fit, or look even good on you. This could soon could become a problem of the past as the company, NexTech, is looking to deliver innovative AR to online retail stores – giving users the ability try-it-on before making an online purchase.

One of the most significant pain points that remains in online retail for a consumer is the inability to try something on before they buy it. This often leads to frustration, the ordering of incorrectly sized items, and unnecessary returns that are costly to the retailer,” said Evan Gappelberg, CEO of NexTech. “NexTech’s new Try-It-On AR technology eliminates the issue by enabling retailers to offer a virtual fitting room to their consumers to assess the look and fit of an item before purchase.

This feature utilises face tracking capabilities as well as an AI-assisted computer vision technology to give users a realistic experience to see what they would look like wearing certain items, such as glasses, jewellery and more. Although, the technology in its current form is limited to eyewear and anything from the shoulder upwards, we could soon see the tech increase its capacity to give consumers a way to try on jumpers or dresses before making an informed purchase.

This technology can be integrated as a feature for websites and is deployed through a few lines of coding within the existing eCommerce websites. The company hopes to give small companies a chance to integrate AR into their eCommerce stores, rather than it being limited to only large brands with deep pockets.