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TechNET IT utilises Online Timesheet Portal; a market-leading time recording, billing, and payroll software, which provides a more efficient and accurate method of data capture. Online Timesheet Portal automates billing and payroll, reduces timesheet and payroll queries, and offers total visibility to both client and contractor throughout the process.

The functionality of Online Timsheet Portal includes:

  • Timesheet and expense capture
  • Automated billing timesheet match to manage your spending.
  • Contractor self-billing
  • Real-time data management
  • Documentation management
  • 24/7 online accessibility

Using InTime provides you with the ideal solution to timesheet concerns, and significantly reduces the time spent on managing your billing and payroll responsibilities.

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Timesheet Portal Guide

We’ve prepared a guide on how to use the Timesheet Portal.

Alternatively, you can email your query to [email protected] and a member of the team will contact you.