TechNET IT’s Birmingham Office

Leading IT Recruitment specialists in Birmingham

Our IT recruitment consultants based in Birmingham are experts in working with clients and candidates in the West Midlands area. As the second biggest city in the UK, Birmingham has become a central point for many industries with candidates travelling from all across the globe to join leading businesses. The expert consultants in Birmingham are proud to work with some of the most exceptional IT talent that this city has to offer. 

Contact with clients and candidates is of utmost importance in creating a smooth recruitment process. Our TechNET IT Birmingham office is based in the city centre right by a train station and a metro and bus stop – making it easy to speak to our team whenever you need to. We specialise in all IT roles and we use our knowledge of Birmingham talent to find the right fit from enquiry to hiring. 

IT roles often require specialised tests, technical knowledge interviews, and tasks – the IT recruitment specialist in the Birmingham TechNET IT office are trained and prepared to help all of our clients with preparing and carrying out these types of interviews. Birmingham and the West Midlands area serve a lot of international clients and candidates and our team can offer candidate searches and interviews in different languages to accommodate searches for international talent that is in the area or ready to move in from abroad.

Whether you want to jump on a train and hop off at Birmingham New Street, fly in via the Birmingham airport, or simply coming off the motorway – the TechNET IT recruitment office is always open and our specialist IT consultants are ready to chat. For more information on how we can help and what our services can offer please get in touch with us at [email protected]