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AR/VR/Mixed Reality

Embracing a new wave of cutting-edge technology, we have recently launched TechNET-Immersive who are responsible for operating across Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality (including Gaming) across all Industry Sectors. This includes iconic start-ups, to powerhouse projects with global organisations.

Required to communicate to, sell to and negotiate with all levels of clients & candidates alike and deliver high levels of customer service to win preferred/exclusive business agreements for resourcing solutions. They are able to provide expert advice on job advertising, market salaries and skill sets.

The team work in verticals across the Immersive sector, including:



Audio Engineering/Audio Design


Project Management


Haptic Technology

Real Time/360 Video

Production/Post Production

Artificial Intelligence


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Community Manager

Posted: 20/11/2020

Salary: Negotiable

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We’re looking for an enthusiastic Community Manager to help us build a thriving community of passionate, engaged evangelists who will be the rocket fuel that launches our ship & the vanguard for our revolution.

Our clients Community Manager is the most active member of our community and its biggest cheerleader - so you’ll need the energy & passion to sustain that. You’ll keep them honest & express yourself authentically - our community wants to hear the voice of a human being & someone who levels with them, not spins. You won’t overpromise or overhype - we believe what we’re doing is truly transformative - it doesn’t need gloss on top of that. You’re not afraid to call people out on toxic behaviour - we want to build psychological safety within our community and for it to be a space for learning.

Your career has the potential to grow as our community does and you’ll play a pivotal role in the success of our client - helping them acquire customers, build influence & become thought leaders and doers in their space.


  • To coordinate, engage, inspire & inform our community moderators
  • Updating & enforcing our community guidelines, shaping our community culture
  • Generate community content
  • Manage our Community channels - Discord, Reddit, Twitter and blog to make sure we’re maximising engagement, growing the community and creating, curating & sharing consistently powerful & relevant content
  • Being the voice of our clients community - answering questions, being that direct voice of the team
  • Being a transparency conduit - giving our community the inside track on how we’re going to transcend the limits of traditional banking
  • Educating people who are newer to the ethereum world and being an evangelist for the power of our technology.

Required skills & experience:

  • The ability to communicate with different audiences - expressing complex ideas, simply
  • Effective under pressure - dealing with difficult questions & juggling the management of different channels
  • An evangelist - you get people excited & energised.
  • Organised - if you’re planning an event, you’ve thought of every detail
  • Experience within the crypto space - maybe you’re already deeply involved in the conversations about where this tech will take us. Your interest is more than skin deep - your mind is a little bit blown by the real world applications of blockchain, not just the potential to make a quick buck.
  • Social media management - you can juggle many channels & experiment with what works and what doesn’t.
  • Strong experience running a content calendar
  • Events management experience - you know how to put on a show.
  • Experience handling teams of moderators
  • Experience championing the messages to and from the community
  • You’ve worked in a startup before - you’re no stranger to dealing with ambiguity & juggling many plates.
  • An understanding that community needs and issue are as unconventional as the industry itself, and don’t always fit in within core hours
  • An understanding of tech-based moderation solutions and digital marketing concepts is desirable

Design Producer

Posted: 20/11/2020

Salary: Negotiable

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As Design Producer you will own the design process which includes architecting the UX, and coordinating the creation of the UI/design. Your role will encompass product design across the board whilst planning and implementing complex projects from scratch with excellent attention to detail and forward-thinking creativity.

As our company moves into a new phase of development we are looking for someone to join our product team to help us realize our new vision for the company from scratch. We wish to question, design, and build a compelling and futurist mobile financial experience that would compel a mass market around the world.

Role Responsibilities will include:

  • Extensive experience with project management specifically for designers
  • Process improvement to craft the right process for the right teams and problems, and constantly iterate on these processes through all stages from concept prototype to launch
  • Understanding and defining user problems
  • Involvement in building our design roadmap & strategy, hiring processes for UI, UX, graphics, illustration, animation, design research, and any other necessary design functions
  • Create, design, and execute through to the finished product for web and mobile apps, starting from features described from the CEO’s vision
  • Team management - managing work flow of freelance and permanent design resource
  • Conducting or commissioning customer interviews and testing
  • Strategizing and defining product vision built around specific features defined from the CEO
  • Performing user research to explore product vision
  • Running design sprints

Core Attributes that we look for:

  • Be obsessed with video games, and what makes users hooked on them
  • Thinks visually about the product
  • Knows how to make intuitive mobile UX for the TikTok generation
  • Can turn thoughts into rough sketches and UX write ups
  • Works well with designers, can compose teams
  • Is excited by the magic of the token economy/DeFi
  • Must have shipped at least one game and/or been involved with one project through a complete development cycle
  • Demonstrates exceptional organization, communication, and management skills

Our ideal Candidate will:

  • Own and build our design workflow
  • Experience in gamification or actual video games
  • Concepted game levels, achievement boards, and level-up animations
  • Have worked on a best in class mobile product with strong input on UX/UI
  • Manage, lead, teach, and learn from other designers and work collaboratively
  • Be comfortable in working in a skunkworks style approach to product launch
  • Have experience in building a design function that respects the different design expertise, at all levels
  • Be an expert in creating structure and detailed organization to solve high levels of ambiguity
  • Have an ability to carefully break down problems and vision into smaller pieces
  • Have an ability to carefully articulate assumptions behind what features are trying to achieve
  • Have an ability to carefully tie together fragmented feature ideas into coherent brand and user experience
  • Have excellent communication skills



Senior Unreal Developer

Greater London
Posted: 27/10/2020

Salary: Negotiable
ID: Unrealdev13

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We are on the lookout for Senior Unreal Developer with a passion for Real-time development and a solid foundation in fundamental building blocks of code. Focusing on prototyping, pitches and practical demos as well as immersive Real-time projects for live events and virtual production. 

Essential Skills & Experience

  • You are a proven Unreal Engine 4 developer with examples of shipped software
  • You should have agency or games company experience and be used to quality software creation with lean deadlines
  • You have the confidence to express ideas as part of a creative team
  • You have experience in creating modular code using Blueprints and you will have a passion for good code standards and patterns - no stuffing all the code into the level blueprint
  • You have some ability to work with light 3D asset creation in the absence of a 3D modeler for rapid prototyping
  • Experience with VR, AR and/or MR development
  • Understanding of source control including GIT or Perforce
  • Have worked with third party technical suppliers
  • You may be required to go onsite to global destinations multiple times a year

Bonus Experience

  • Experience creating multiplayer experiences or games with some understanding of cooperative game networking 
  • Some C++ programming ability and the desire to learn
  • Software ‘installation’ experience
  • Experience with other game engines including Unity

I look forward to hearing back from you soon 🙂

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