TechNET IT Timesheet Portal Guide

Our easy to use timesheet portal is here to help you submit your timesheets with ease

Welcome to TechNET‟s online timesheet portal, whereby you can submit your timesheets for approval. The system is straightforward to use, but please consult the guide below for instructions.

Accessing the System

The first step is to open your web browser (usually Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox).

Once opened, you will need to enter your TechNET Timesheet Portal server address, which would have already been sent to you.

Once the TechNET Timesheet Portal site has opened, you will be prompted for your username and password, which should have been provided. If this isn‟t the case then please contact your recruiting consultant at TechNET or send an email to [email protected]


The Main Menu

The Main Menu is located on the left side of the screen, and allows you to access the various parts of the portal. The menu consists of a Timesheet menu that provides access to new, draft and previously submitted Timesheets.

The profile menu provides access to your user profile where you can update your contact details and change your system preferences.

You will only really use the timesheet menu for creating your timesheets, modifying your draft timesheets and checking the status of your submitted timesheets.


Timesheet Basics

There are several different states of timesheet that you should be aware of –

Draft: A draft timesheet is one that you have created, saved but not yet submitted.

Submitted: A submitted timesheet is one that you have created and submitted for approval. Submitted timesheets cannot be modified, so ensure the details are correct before submitting.

Approved: An approved timesheet is a submitted timesheet that has been approved by your manager for payment.

Rejected: A rejected timesheet is a submitted timesheet that has been rejected by your manager. This is usually because of incorrect hours or expenses. The manager may have provided a comment as to why the timesheet was rejected. Once rejected, the timesheet becomes a draft for editing and resubmitting.


Entering Your Timesheet

To begin, click Create on the Timesheet menu. You will then be prompted to select the placement you wish to enter a timesheet for, as well as the Week Ending Date. You can use the provided calendar pop-up to help you select the correct date. Once you have done this, click OK to proceed.

You will now be presented with a blank timesheet form. The form consists of three areas; the
Time Entry area (for each day of the week), the Mileage Claim area, and the Expenses Claim Area.

The Normal rate is selected by default, so you can start entering your times for each of the days. The Total Hours (or Hours Claimed) is calculated automatically.

If you require additional rates, simply select the appropriate item from the Rate drop-down. The previously entered times will then move further down the screen allowing for more times to be entered in the Time Entry area.

You can click the Timesheet Preview button to display an updated preview of all the times you have entered for each of the rates. When you are satisfied, click Save. This will save the timesheet into your Drafts area where you can make changes at a later date.

After saving your timesheet, you will be provided with three more options. The submit button will submit your draft timesheet for approval by your manager. The Finish button will return you to the main Portal menu. Finally, the Edit button will allow you to make changes to your draft timesheet. If you are totally happy with your timesheet, you can click the Submit button.

You will be presented with a warning stating that once submitted you will not be able to modify this timesheet again, unless your manager rejects it because it contains errors or is inaccurate in some way. Clicking „Yes‟ will finally submit your timesheet to your manager for approval. Clicking „No‟ will return you to the previous page.


Draft Timesheets

If you have created timesheets and saved them in a previous session, you can access it by clicking on the drafts item in the Timesheet menu.

The number that appears next to the Draft menu item (in brackets) is the number of Draft timesheets you currently have.
Simply select the draft timesheet you wish to modify (or submit) by clicking on the name of the timesheet. You will then be taken to the timesheet form described in the “Entering Your Timesheet” section. Please refer to these instructions to edit and submit your draft timesheet.


Submitted Timesheets

If you need to check details of your submitted timesheets, or to see if your manager has approve them, click „submitted‟ on the Timesheet menu. Remember that rejected timesheets will reappear automatically in your draft section. Click on the name to view the submitted timesheet. Note that you cannot modify the timesheet in anyway.

Click OK to return to the submitted timesheet page.


Please note your placement will not be visible until the contract is live (i.e. if you log in prior to the start date the placement will not be shown).

You can also download a PDF copy of this guide by clicking here.