Hiring IT Talent - Attract selective candidates

Hiring IT Talent: How to attract selective candidates

When you’re hiring IT talent, it’s vital that you understand the nature of selective candidates. You won’t attract the best people for your team just by posting a job advert. You need to create a winning strategy that will help attract candidates who are more careful about what they apply for.

In part one of our focus on selective candidates, we discussed why there has been a shift in candidates approach. Today, we will conclude by sharing simple ways to attract these candidates.

Hiring IT talent using smart content

We are in an age where people are digesting content at every turn. Within recruitment, it’s important to curate content that engages different types of candidates. For example, candidates who are actively searching will want to see content on interview techniques. Meanwhile, selective candidates will want to really understand the brand before applying. So, employer brand marketing is key. What content will engage these candidates and what channels are they using? Identifying this will really help your HR content stand out ahead of the competition.

Engaging IT talent immediately

In a digital world, they expectation for a quick response is pretty high. Therefore it is imperative that a communication strategy is in place when you start the hiring process. While email automation is quick to set up, many companies are beginning to utilise SMS or WhatsApp in the initial stages. It’s a great way to reach the candidate directly and they will be impressed with the speed of organising the initial interview. It’s also important if you are not moving forward with a candidate. This kind of automation will build the employer brand and improve communication. Which brings us to…

Communicate thoroughly – it’s the best way to show respect

We understand that a role with many applicants will mean lots of feedback to provide. So, is it simply unrealistic to promise feedback to the unsuccessful candidates? One again, automation is a great tool for providing answers. Not only does it show respect to those taking the time to apply, but it also saves you time. Overall, it once again contributes to an attractive employer brand. Even unsuccessful candidates are likely to recommend open roles to others if they believe it was a respectful process. These referrals are gold when candidates are more selective about where to apply!

Flexibility is attractive…even during the hiring process

Offering flexibility in a company is great perk for employees. However, it is important to demonstrate that you truly respect flexibility even when hiring talent. Once again, it’s all about respect. Employers must understand that even if the candidates are applying, they are likely still in their current role. So, show that you can fit the interview process around them. Instead of offering your availability, send a flexible list of times and dates for the candidate to easily select what works for them. Allowing this self scheduling approach will engage candidates and the slots will be booked in the diary pretty quickly!

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