TechNET IT’s Chelmsford Office

Discover our IT Recruitment office in Chelmsford

The Chelmsford office is our specialist IT recruitment homebase for clients and candidates looking to fill IT roles in the Essex area. As part of the London commute belt, Chelmsford has become a key city for businesses growing outside of London with IT talent coming from across all of Essex and beyond. 

Our IT recruitment team in Chelmsford focuses on finding some of the most sought after professionals in the area and helping businesses fill key roles in Essex. The office is based in the city centre, near the Chelmsford railway stop – making meetings, interviews, and catch up easy to accommodate. 

Here at TechNET IT, we understand the importance of solid interview processes to ensure that each candidate is prepared for the role and the culture of your company. The Essex IT consultants are prepared to not only carry out interviews but also focus on specialised technical tests and tasks to find the right fit. Our candidates are briefed and prepped to know exactly who they are applying with and what they can expect during the interview process. 

We put knowledge of the Chelmsford area’s talent and building professional relationships first in order to help provide our clients with a smooth and speedy IT recruitment process. Our recruitment consultants are trained in all things IT as well as in servicing international clients and candidates. With a growing need for global knowledge and talent, our team is able to help recruit in multiple languages. For more information on our services and how we can help make your recruitment process please get in touch with our team at [email protected]