CES 2023

The best tech from CES 2023

CES 2023 is possibly this year’s biggest tech event, offering a large number of brand-new technological innovations to the industry, whilst impressing attendees with their in-person demos.

However, if you weren’t able to make this exciting event, don’t fret! We thought we would sift through the tech and share some of our favourite releases so that you don’t have to!

From new tablets, to flying cars, to smart toilets – there is so much on offer this year.

Let’s dive into it…

BMW’s colour changing concept car

BMW unveiled their futuristic electric car that not only features a digital assistant and an augmented reality windscreen – it also showcased its impressive colour changing technology.

They have called it ‘BMW i Vision Dee’.

Pick from solid colour to unique patterns – the choice is yours. Each panel is easily customised thanks to the 240 E Ink segments.

Colour changing BMW gif

Dyson Zone Headphones

Londoner’s – you’re going to love this one! Dyson are the kings of high-quality products that aid convenience (at a price) and their new headphones do not disappoint!

The Dyson Zone over-ear headphones are noise cancelling, and we know what you are thinking – that is pretty standard for modern day headphones.

So, what’s so special about them?

After six years of development, they are now recognised as Dyson’s first wearable purifier that purifies the airflow to the mouth and nose thanks to the attachable mouthpiece, with the hope to tackle the urban pollution issue.

Man wearing Dyson Zone headphones with city background

Razer’s Project Sophia

Razer has released the world’s first modular gaming desk concept and called it ‘Project Sophia’. Allowing users to customise their gaming set up to fit their needs. Powered by a high-performing integrated PCB, there is so much you can do with this desk.

The appearance is super sleek thanks to the magnetic chassis that snaps in underneath the glass table top, to be easily removed and replaced with new upgrades and maximise your space.

This concept is suitable for every type of user – whether you are a creator, a streamer, a gamer or simply working from home!

Razer's new desktop project sophia with green and blue background

Although we could sit here all day and list our favourite tech from CES 2023, we have shared our top 3 to give you an idea of what is to come this year!

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