Say Hello to the all-new GPT-4o AI model from OpenAI

OpenAI made a big announcement on May 13th: they unveiled their latest creation, ‘GPT-4o’.

This cutting-edge model is a game-changer, as it can seamlessly handle audio, vision, and text in real time.

What sets it apart?

Unlike its predecessor, GPT-4, this new model is available to all ChatGPT users for free.

Not only is it faster and more accurate, but it also marks a significant leap forward in AI technology. OpenAI has always been transparent about the limitations of their products, so it’s encouraging to see them continually pushing boundaries and improving, especially at a time where more and more people are embracing AI.

So, what’s in store with GPT-4o? Here are some exciting updates:

  • Enhanced international language capabilities with improved quality and speed.
  • The ability to analyse images, audio, and text files uploaded by users.
  • Real-time conversation guidance based on user actions.
  • Features like text-to-image generation and more.
  • The ability to recognise facial expressions and emotions.

While OpenAI are making waves with the launch of GPT-4o, they are still just scratching the surface of exploring what the model can do and its limitations.

Will it be safe to use?

OpenAI assures users that they’ll roll out these features gradually to ensure safe usage and prevent misuse of the new voice capabilities. This cautious approach aims to address concerns about issues like facial recognition and audio generation.

To find out more, you can read OpenAI’s GPT4o’s press release.

Integrating AI into Apple iOS

Additionally, there’s buzz about OpenAI potentially integrating its generative AI features into Apple’s iOS.

Apple has been shifting its focus towards AI, aiming to catch up with competitors like Google, who have their flagship Gemini model. Apple’s voice mode seems to offer more advanced features compared to its own Siri voice assistant, highlighting the company’s efforts to step up its AI game.

The future of GPT-4o

Looking ahead, we’re excited to see what GPT-4o can do in the coming weeks. Will you be giving it a try? Stay tuned for updates on this ground-breaking AI technology.

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