IT Jobs - 2023 Job Search Trends

IT Jobs: The job search landscape in 2023 so far

Looking for IT Jobs in 2023? With a new year comes new trends, skills demand and wider competition. Each year, the TechNET IT team help candidates navigate the job search arena. So, it’s important for us to keep up with the latest trends!

We decided to look at the current landscape for IT and tech opportunities and what it means for job seekers! What roles will be most in demand? Will the recent employee layoffs at tech giants have a wider impact? Let’s find out!

LinkedIn’s fastest growing jobs

The go-to channel for every job seeker, opportunities on LinkedIn can make a huge difference to a career. LinkedIn has recently published a report on the fastest-growing jobs worldwide. The ‘Jobs on the Rise’ report compiles data from 28 countries, investigating which positions have seen the most growth in the last five years.

The report showed that IT & tech positions remain the fastest growing, rapidly expanding in all countries analysed. Of these countries, 24 of them identified ‘Data Engineer’ as the fastest growing career. Furthermore, 16 of the countries specified ‘Site Reliability Engineers’ as another role that has seen significant growth. Cyber security has also seen lots of development. Roles like ‘Cyber Security Specialist’ and ‘Cyber Security Engineer’ are on the rise. In fact, Singapore, Brazil, and Chile listed two cyber security job titles in their top 10 fastest growing roles.

The report is so beneficial to job seekers, allowing them to identify the demand and best locations for growth. Check out the full report from LinkedIn for more insights.

What IT jobs are gaining momentum in 2023?

So, we have seen from the LinkedIn report that many tech and IT roles are gaining momentum. Looking at this data, and the demand for talent in 2023, the top ten are…

  1. Technical program manager
  2. Site reliability engineer
  3. Platform engineer
  4. Machine learning engineer
  5. Cyber security analyst
  6. Data engineer
  7. Cloud engineer
  8. Service desk engineer
  9. Cyber security engineer
  10. Product designer

Big tech: what do mass redundancies mean for IT professionals?

Though we are seeing continued demand for tech and IT jobs, we cannot ignore the recent job cuts witnessed in some the biggest tech companies in the world. Google, Apple, Microsoft, Meta, Spotify…the list grows. With work forces growing to meet demand throughout lock down, the easing of such measures has changed the unprecedented demand seen previously. Combine this with economic uncertainty, there is plenty of pressure at all levels and in businesses of many sizes.

Furthermore, IT contractors are also seeing the effects. Finally, there are many people choosing to leave voluntarily. Claire Trachet, founder of business advisory outfit Trachet, said that their research showed one in three UK employees are looking for new opportunities to meet rising costs.

It is an uncertain time and it is perhaps enough to strike worry in those looking for a new opportunity. However, we have to take the demand for tech professionals as an overwhelming positive. There are still plenty of businesses looking for talent, and the sector is not expected to stay stagnant too long despite this wave of employee layoffs. Candidates have to think smarter and stand out from the competition.

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