CES 2024

CES 2024 roundup – our top picks in AI tech

As the new year unfolds, the much anticipated Consumer Electronics Show (CES) once again takes centre stage, offering a glimpse into the future of AI technology ready for release in 2024.

For those unfamiliar, CES, held annually in Las Vegas, serves as a platform for renowned brands such as Samsung, LG, Sony, and others to showcase their latest innovations, often introducing never-before-seen advancements in AI technology set to shape the coming year.

After combing through the variety of releases, we’ve chosen our top five picks from the past few days. Let’s delve into our favourites:

1. Samsung’s AI Robot Companion

Functioning as a personal home assistant, Ballie seamlessly handles household tasks and even sends video updates of your pets. Its autonomous navigation system allows it to move around your home, learning from user patterns and habits to deliver a personalised service for each family.

2. LG’s Smart Home AI Agents

LG’s smart home AI agent combines robotic, AI, and multi-modal technologies, serving as an all-encompassing home manager and companion. Designed to move, learn, comprehend, and engage in complex conversations, LG’s smart life solution embodies the company’s commitment to realizing the “Zero Labor Home” vision.

3. Baracoda’s AI-Powered Mental Health Mirror 

The world’s first smart mirror for mental wellness, BMind by Baracoda offers personalised mental health coaching and stress management based on mood identification. Integrated with CareOS platform’s smart mirror software, BMind seamlessly incorporates into daily routines with gesture recognition, voice command, and intent detection.

4. TimeKettle X1 Interpreter Hub

Breaking language barriers and fostering global connections, the pocket-sized TimeKettle X1 Interpreter Hub is a ground-breaking AI device for multilingual communication. As the world’s first AI interpreter hub, it ensures a tailored experience for users in various situations, making it ideal for international collaboration.

5. Rabbit R1

Your Pocket Companion with an AI Twist, resembling a phone in appearance, the Rabbit R1 goes beyond the conventional with its unique AI assistant interface. Equipped with a camera, SIM card slot, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth support, this pocket companion interacts with your favourite apps, promising a hands-free, conversational experience.

Looking ahead, these CES 2024 innovations are positioned to redefine how we interact with technology. Which ones caught your attention at this year’s showcase?

We’re eagerly anticipating their release and exploring the various possibilities they bring to the tech space. For more insightful updates, browse through our blog.