Bear Robotics secures $81m funding to scale up automation in the hospitality market

As restaurants’ labour challenges continue as demand is rising for robotic solutions to automate time and work-intensive tasks. Bear Robotics aims to provide the solution in filling the gap – from running orders to bussing tables, from the dirty work to dish delivery.

The company’s flagship product is named Servi, an all-in-one, fully autonomous mobile robotics. Servi is designed to perform daily repetitive work encountered by hospitality employees and allow hosts and waitstaff to focus on delivering outstanding service.

Investors and businesses alike can see the huge potential this can do for the hospitality sector, which is why it has managed to secure $81m (£61m) in a Series B funding round to introduce new robots.

Bear Robotics co-founder and COO Juan Higueros said: “Achieving this next round of funding is a key milestone for us to be able to accelerate our product roadmap and expand our go-to-market initiatives with our partners.

“We’ve also been extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to help small and medium-sized businesses during the recent labour shortage and look forward to our continued impact there.”

The global service robotics market size was US$ 25.4 billion in 2021. The global service robotics market is forecast to grow to US$ 150.23 billion by 2030 – soon this will become a common part of our daily lives.