Hiring IT Talent - IT Recruitment Tips

Hiring IT Talent – our top IT Recruitment tips for 2022

Are you hiring IT talent this year? The IT recruitment landscape has certainly changed, though this can be said for multiple industries. For example, in our sister brand TechNET Digital’s annual survey, 61% of respondents had not returned to the office. How have things changed in your company?

Due to the impact of the pandemic, job seekers have shifted their mindset. Not only is remote working important, but a new role has to be really special for them to apply. How can you engage candidates, both active and passive, to join your team?

Here are simple, yet very effective, ways to create an open and successful IT recruitment process.

What to do

When hiring IT talent, here’s what you should do…

Offer genuine growth opportunities: Candidates want progression – it’s as simple as that. You need to show just how they can grow within your company. This also means it is not always about recruiting seasoned talent. Showing growth opportunities is a great way to nurture rising IT talent.

Show why the role is worth doing: Why will this role define a career? Candidates want a challenge they can rise to, so they can achieve great things in the business. So, don’t highlight the responsibilities alone…show them how and why their daily duties will make a big impact.

Structure your interview to get to the details: To identify a candidate is right for your company and that they will feel happy there too, your interview process is the best place to start. Look at the exact requirements of the role, basing questions and tasks on these alone. This way, you won’t just be hiring the best…you’ll be hiring the best for your company.

What not to do

So, we know what to do when hiring IT talent. Now it’s time to look at what not to do…

Don’t ignore the rise of remote/hybrid working: Post pandemic, it’s surprising to see that not all companies have embraced remote working. Even a hybrid working model has been overlooked in some cases. Do not ignore this…candidates now expect there to be remote opportunities in some capacity. Do you think your company will be top of the list if you expect employees in the office at all times? Build a culture of trust right at the beginning!

Don’t limit your IT talent search: If you’re ignoring the above, then you’re likely ignoring the wider IT talent pool available. Companies who are embracing remote working are able to hire remotely – this means casting the net wider geographically. This also applies to passive candidates. Sometimes the best fit is not actively looking. It’s called a talent search for a reason!

Don’t delay the hiring process: Your role is not the only one a candidate will be going for. Keep it concise so you don’t lose out on great talent. Make your recruitment structure and stick to it.

Hiring IT talent? Let us help

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