IT Jobs - Career Reflections

IT Jobs: Reflections on your career growth

When it comes to IT jobs, career growth is important. What ways can you grow in the year ahead and how can you do it? As we approach Q4 of 2022, it’s a great time to start reflecting and planning ahead.

For your IT career growth, it’s never about starting from scratch…it’s about continually improving. Even if your plan is to find a new IT job, this is your chance to build on what you have already learned. We decided to look at a few career reflections that are pretty common at this time of year, and how you can approach these if they are on your career agenda!

It’s time for a new IT job…how should you prepare?

IT jobs are plentiful…is it time for you to think about that next step? It isn’t always the easiest step to take either. There might be some nerves to contend with or you want to wrap up on big projects that you have played a big role in. If you want to see certain jobs through to the end, that’s fine. It doesn’t mean you can get some preparation done.

Reach for the CV and start updating it with all the latest achievements. Even if you don’t want to apply right away, starting conversations with an IT recruitment agency now will help you further down the line. Give them a timeline of when you think you’ll be ready to start going forward for roles, so you will already have a plan in place.

You want to learn a new skill – how do you find the time?

Time is a valuable thing…however, if you have a goal to learn a new skill then you will have to find time. It’s as simple as that. Make it happen! This is your goal to achieve, even if it would help directly with your current responsibilities. However, don’t be afraid to mention your goals to learn – your management will be pleased to see your tenacity to grow. For example, someone on the team might already excel at this skill. So, you can work out ways to train up during work hours.

If this is not possible, it’s down to you. Can you set certain times aside in your week to work on this? Establishing a routine and regular learning will be key.

There is a promotion available internally – how should you approach it?

If you’re not looking for a new role, but have a desire to climb the IT career ladder, this would be a great opportunity. Ultimately, your experience and achievements in the company so far should do all the talking. It is nerve wracking to approach an internal promotion sometimes…will not landing the promotion make things awkward in the team?

These kind of thoughts need to be cleared out immediately. This is about you and your career. From showing management potential to a strategic level headed approach, you need to prove you have got what it takes early on.

Are you looking for IT jobs?

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