TIME Launches New AR app Recreating the Moon Landing

TIME launches new augmented reality app ‘TIME Immersive’, available on both iOS and Android devices.

TIME hopes to change the way we view stories by utilising the power of augmented reality (AR), giving users the experience to explore the surfaces of the moon to travelling through the depths of the Amazon rain forrest. By bringing stories to life into your living room gives TIME a new, and creative avenue to deliver the latest News and historical moments with a much more interactive and heightened experience.

The TIME Immersive app will allow its users to experience the recreation of the moon landing, this also includes both the landing procedure itself, complete with original audio from the 50 years ago.

TIME has always to been known for its visual story telling from its iconic front cover and the influence it can have on the culture of its time. Given the impact TIME has made throughout its history, it will come as no surprise that TIME is also looking to make an impact in the AR world.

“TIME has always been at the forefront of visual storytelling. With the launch of this app and our first web AR experience, we are putting a stake in the ground with AR and establishing the level of immersive journalism that TIME will continue to bring to our readers,” said Mia Tramz, Emmy-winning VR producer and editorial director of Enterprise and Immersive Experiences at TIME.

The project is sponsored by Jimmy Dean and produced in partnership with the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing.