Tips on using technology to improve your work-life balance

We can appreciate the change that has come with technology, it has no doubt revolutionised the way we navigate through our personal and professional lives.

If technology is used to the best of its potential, it’s proven to massively optimise our work-life balance. We believe it’s always good to stop and evaluate the tools you have around you to improve your life and therefore reduce stress.

Here are our top two technology hacks:

Cut down on screen time.

This includes media consumption on iPads, TV and your smartphone etc. This can make you less productive such as watching the news, scrolling across social media channels and replying to emails outside of working hours. A key element to your mental health wellbeing is knowing when to switch between your work and personal life

  • Recent iPhone’s have the screen time function where you’re able to set time limits on apps.
  • Set a time to switch off from work and keep your laptop or phone away from you until it’s time to revisit.
  • Remove unnecessary apps e.g., if you only use social media for work then uninstall them on your personal phone.
  • Make an effort to schedule more face-to-face meetings it’s great to provide a sense of connection and empathy that’s hard to imitate via video.
  • Feedly: This is an app that allows you to subscribe to relevant websites and saves you time scrolling through social media and blogs for news and updates. This is perfect if you work in social media, marketing, or any research-based role.

Make use of project management software

This is particularly great if you work remotely and therefore don’t want to face any challenges communicating with your colleagues.

The wonderful part about this project management software is that they are compatible with devices from smartphones to laptops, making it easy to transfer documents across.


  • Trello
  • Google Drive
  • Evernote

You can use these apps to take notes, set up calendars, produce collaborative mind maps and more all in real-time.