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IT Recruitment – 5 quick tips to supercharge your employer brand

For IT Recruitment success, it’s time to focus on your employer brand. Encompassing both employee retention and attraction, having a clear and prominent employer brand can really make all the difference. Without it, you will likely struggle in hiring processes when communicating why people should want to work with you.

From reducing time to fill and increasing retention rates, the benefits of an attractive employer brand are clear to see. It should be factored in to your IT recruitment road map at all times. Furthermore, it’s simply a great way to make your team happy. That, after all, is the key to productivity and engagement. There are many aspects to consider, but we wanted to share 5 quick tips for you to think about and apply to your employer branding strategy.

Our 5 employer branding tips

Employees want the very best from their careers. Progression, flexibility, happiness…the list goes on. It’s how you communicate this that will determine whether your employer branding strategy is keeping up with the competitive industry.

1. Your careers pages – time for a revamp?

It’s very easy to think that the more you speak about and praise the company culture, the more attention you will get. We don’t doubt the power of words, but in today’s world, people want concise and digestible content. A quick overview of the culture and benefits will be the main points potential candidates are after. A gallery or a ‘meet the team’ section always works well too – imagery is always easier to absorb. We recommend a look at the current internal recruitment pages and determine if there are areas to tidy up or cut out.

2. Employee content – encourage everyone to interact

Employees should be advocates for the business. If you feel they are not engaging with content, it’s time to get them involved! After all, potential candidates want to see how their future colleagues feel about working there. This is also a great way to show what the company values and commitments are. Now more than ever, candidates are aligning their career search with issues they care about. If the company holds regular fundraisers or volunteering scheme, use the team to promote this via LinkedIn profiles and blog contributions. They are the voices so let them be heard.

3. Offering benefits that truly matter

This is repeated time and time again – employees don’t need a pool table or a free breakfast once in a while. They want to see benefits that value them, so make sure these are clearly stated in all employer brand collateral. In particular, it should be communicated early on if the company is hybrid/flexible or full-time in the office. Many candidates will be looking for this and will appreciate the trust shown by companies who offer remote opportunities.

4. The value of careers – what are employees getting from working here?

An ‘Employer Value Proposition’, what you offer in terms of benefits and career growth, should be completely unique. Career development in particular is a big draw for candidates. It also gives your current team something to work towards. Now is a great time to study your current development plan and identify how this can be improved.

5. Always be responsive

We understand that not everyone is the right fit, but a fantastic approach is to acknowledge everyone who shows an interest in the business. Automation is a wonderful thing, so it’s time to utilise this for communication throughout the recruitment process. Should there be any feedback or reviews thrown your way, respond to it. For your current team, have an open forum for them to voice their concerns and ideas – again, show you are listening to these with regular responses.

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