IT Contract Recruitment - Q4 hires

IT Contract Recruitment: The benefits of contract hires in Q4

IT Contract recruitment offers many hiring benefits – especially in Q4. As the final quarter of the year begins, the key projects and responsibilities are coming to a close. Of course, it’s also a busy time for people personally, with many big holidays occurring. This means more employees may be using up that final annual leave allowance to enjoy an extended Christmas or New Year.

This is where IT contractors come in. There are a whole host of reasons why this is a great time of the year to capitalise on a talent group of IT & tech talent. We could go on all day, in fact! However, we will share our top 5 reasons to show you the fantastic possibilities contractors offer should you need to hire in this period.

The top 5 reasons to hire IT contractors in Q4

1. Contract recruitment does not slow down

This is a pool of talent who will still be actively looking for that next project, even if its seems the permanent recruitment market slows down the close it gets to Christmas. There is a huge pool of contractors who are looking for shorter term projects right now. They not only get to add value to a project, but they also get to work on a contract length that is right for them. So, they will be very keen to make an impact no matter how short their time on the project is. October is a great time to reach out to contractors and find out their plans for the end of the year – there will be many who will be very happy to hear from you.

2. Extra support means a happier team

It’s a busy time of year for many industries. As mentioned, it’s also a time where people will make the most of remaining time off. With potential gaps in the team, it adds pressure to those who are not using annual leave. Furthermore, even those who are taking time off will have a hefty to-do list to get through. Extra contract support will make a world of difference. With more eyes on the project end goals, the more your team can really focus on the task at hand.

3. Flexible talent is the trend – and they will save you time

With the rise of remote or hybrid work, came a rise in flexible contractors. It means the contractor market is even busier than before. Furthermore, it widens the possibilities of talent you can secure. It also means you can make the most of remote interviews that fit nicely around your Q4 strategy planning. More talent and more time? It seems like a win-win situation.

4. New ideas and fresh skills

As a year comes to a close, the fatigue is real. A contractor can help revitalise the team and make a huge difference in getting you all to the finish line. It’s a great opportunity to ask someone with a more impartial view on how they think certain projects can be improved or if there is any skill in particular they can offer that you didn’t know you needed.

5. Cost effective solution

At the end of the year, much focus is put in remaining budgets – especially when it comes to hiring strategy. Choosing contractors at this pivotal part of the year will help in this area. You’re able to agree on a contract term and payment plan that suits you from day one, which will help regulate budget.

Here for your IT contract recruitment needs

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