IT Contract Recruitment - Attracting Talent

IT Contract Recruitment: Attracting IT Contractors

IT Contract Recruitment is a competitive space, meaning finding the best IT contractors requires a solid strategy. As new projects arise, the need for short-term skill sets will be critical for success. As a result, companies need to be adaptable – especially when it comes to hiring IT contractors.

Is your team hiring IT contract talent in 2023? Perhaps you’re already looking to cover some gaps in the team. The first thing to realise is that it doesn’t happen overnight. Much like permanent employees, contractors are now looking for the very best opportunities. They won’t take a contract just because they are available.

That’s where TechNET IT come in. Our established and ever-growing database of contractors means we understand the intricacies of an IT contract recruitment strategy. Here are a few of our top tips.

Offering the most competitive salary

As IT contractors do not have the job security that permanent employees have, they often put a lot of weight on the day rate offered. If the project is longer than six months, they would potentially expect even more to commit to this.

Remember that this expectation from contractors is fully justified. They have worked on a multitude of projects, picking up skills that may very well be unique to your existing team. Their knowledge is worth the higher salary. Furthermore, it’s not just about the final figure you can offer as remuneration. Simply offering a weekly or bi-monthly payment makes a big difference for contractors. Our team can provide the most up to date contract rates to help you position yourself as a company that contractors will want to be a part of.

Benefits – contractors don’t have to miss out

In the past, IT contractors often didn’t see the company benefits that permanent employees did. Be it travel allowances or service subsidies, this is now changing. Why shouldn’t they receive these? Of course, it does depend on the length of the contract. Much shorter term contracts, such as a month, probably wouldn’t require certain benefits.

However, now is the time to review your current benefits package and how this can be adapted for contractors. Coming in as an outsider is something contractors are used to. This doesn’t mean you can’t take steps to help them feel included while they are with you. After all, they are still a key part of your projects.

Looking further afield – flexibility is key

Remote or hybrid working is here to stay. For hiring contract talent, this is a huge advantage. To attract the very best, it’s time to start advertising your contract opportunities to a wider audience geographically. Furthermore, you must offer flexible hours to accommodate contractor expectations.

Having remote IT contractors on board opens your company up to a wealth of experience from around the world. With this comes fresh ideas, invaluable skills and great talent who will get the job done.

IT Contractors love a challenge

Every contract opportunity is another addition to a contractors portfolio. Therefore, they really want it to stand out. The more challenging the better. So, don’t be shy in explaining the pitfalls and the current issues you are facing. This helps contractors understand exactly what they can achieve – it won’t deter them from the role in any way.

It will ultimately help you and your permanent team. Once the contractor comes in, they will have no bias. So, they won’t back down from shaking things up and coming up with solutions that the team hadn’t thought of before. This influence does have a positive effect on the team as it gets them to adapt and evolve too.

Helping your IT Contract Recruitment Strategy

For IT contract recruitment needs, we are here to help. If you have upcoming projects that require extra support, we have a database full of contract professionals. Submit an enquiry today and we will be in touch!