IT Recruitment Trends to watch

IT Recruitment trends to watch in 2024

It’s time to supercharge your IT Recruitment process! Talent attraction is set to become even more competitive in 2024. So, it’s important for companies to observe recruitment trends and weave them into their own strategy.

Of course, the world of IT recruitment is always changing. However, here are some key trends that we believe will shape the hiring world in 2024.

A candidate experience like no other

Over the last 3 years, candidates have become more selective about the opportunities they approach. Without an attractive and memorable candidate experience, the competition are likely going to win the race for top talent. In 2024, companies should absolutely be investing more time and budget into this. Here are some ideas to think about…

  • Accessible application process: Do candidates want to fill out questionnaires and text boxes with information that is already on their CV? Quite simply, no they do not. A user-friendly process demonstrates an employee friendly environment. Optimise online application forms, reduce the number of clicks required, and incorporate features like resume parsing tools to streamline the process for both sides.
  • Virtual/Immersive interviews: IT recruiters should be leveraging video interviewing platforms to conduct initial screenings and assessments. Some companies are even using virtual reality and augmented reality tools to create immersive interview experiences, offering candidates a glimpse into their work environment and culture.
  • Personalised engagements and prompt communication: If candidates feel like a number, it will hardly encourage them to pursue a full-time position. Personalised email responses that are prompt and clear will be important in 2024, as growing recruitment technologies mean that candidates expect an organised approach to recruitment.

Contractors and the rise of fractional consultants

IT contract recruitment should always be part of an overall hiring strategy. Needing immediate support on a project is sometimes an unexpected surprise. So, having an established relationship with a pool of contractors will continue to be a priority. However, there is another trend that is growing.

Fractional consulting has started making waves in the recruitment industry. These consultants will have years of experience in their field and will often fulfil a C-Suite level role during their time in a business. You will often find that they will excel in specific areas such as crisis management, project management and start-up expansion. For digital transformation and projects that require targeted expertise, many companies are turning toward the fractional talent model. Our sister brand TechNET CxO is on hand to provide more information on fractional consultants.

Agile recruitment – it’s time to shake up traditions

From job posting to the job offer – this sounds like the standard point A and point B of recruitment, right? It’s not quite that simple anymore. Companies should be flexible and adaptable when it comes to recruitment goals. So, instead of following a linear path from job posting to placement, recruitment teams should focus on iterative cycles, allowing for continuous assessment and improvement.

It could be said that in the past, recruitment often involved a siloed approach, with a specific team (HR) managing the different aspects of the process. In agile recruitment, cross-functional teams for recruitment success should be a 2024 priority. Recruiters, hiring managers, HR professionals, and the IT department should collaborate closely. It allows a greater understanding of the ideal employee and a more efficient recruitment process.

Market changes can be swift. So swift in fact that companies are not fully equipped for them. Another advantage of agile recruitment methodology is that recruitment teams will be prepared for these. Whether it’s the sudden demand for a specific skill set or a strategic pivot within the company, agile recruitment allows for timely adjustments to sourcing strategies, candidate evaluations and overall talent acquisition plans.

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