Recruitment Process featured article

Featured on Compare the Cloud: Transforming The Recruitment Process with AI

AI has become a popular topic across many different industries, specifically recruitment. With that, we have explored the topics of implementing AI into the recruitment process as shared in our recent article on Compare the Cloud, a website that praises the benefits of Cloud Computing for businesses and shares news on related topics.

Our article examines the pros and cons of AI implementation in the recruitment process, sharing how TechNET has benefited since integrating AI into our technology stack in 2020. Here are some key takeaways:

Saving Time

Tasks like resume screening and data input are streamlined, saving TechNET up to 21 hours per week per consultant. This time can be redirected to higher-value activities.

Attracting and Retaining Talent

AI improves the onboarding experience for new team members, making businesses more competitive.

Increasing Engagement

Regular contact with candidates is maintained through AI, resulting in an 89% higher placement rate. This strengthens the recruiter-candidate relationship, even with a large CRM.

Elevating Candidate Experience

Processes are streamlined while maintaining the personal touch that candidates and clients appreciate.

Cost Considerations

While highly beneficial, AI can be expensive if not used properly.

Avoiding Over-Reliance

AI should enhance processes, not replace human judgment. It’s important to balance AI’s efficiency with human oversight.

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