IT Job Search and AI

IT Job Search: Should job seekers be using AI?

AI in the IT job search…is it a viable option for job seekers? Or does it pose too many pitfalls for candidates to ignore? It’s a topic on everybody’s lips at the moment – not just in the context of a job search, but AI’s place in professional industries as a whole.

So, it got us thinking about the use of AI in an IT job search. As with any technology, there will be positives and negatives. While some tools can help elevate a candidate’s performance in the hiring process, others could be a hindrance.

A recent study by Arctic Shores, a provider of task-based psychometric assessments, showed that 70% of job seekers intend to use ChatGPT when completing job applications or assessments in the coming year. Let’s see how job seekers can use AI to their advantage and what they should think about when doing so!

How can job seekers apply AI to their IT job search?

First up, we wanted to explain simple ways candidates can use AI in an accessible way. Of course, the capabilities are plenty but not everyone will have access to the same tools.

CV optimisation: An important task in any job search is to fine-tune your CV to be relevant to a specific vacancy. One role might put more emphasis on one skill that will require you to include more information on this in your application. AI tools can help optimise CV’s by analysing job descriptions and suggesting changes to match keywords and skills sought by employers. Subtle changes and improvements to bolster your chances can’t be a bad thing!

Interview preparation: Job interview nerves are natural. So, how can you calm them down a little bit? AI-powered interview preparation platforms, such as InterviewBuddy or MyInterview, simulate real interview scenarios and provide feedback to help candidates improve their performance. Any feedback provided can help you work on specific areas and gain that confidence.

Company research: Research is the foundation of any application. After all, you want to know it’s the right company for you before clicking apply. Of course, it is a huge factor in interviews too, where employers will test your knowledge. AI-powered tools can analyse company data, news articles, and employee reviews to provide insights into company culture, values, and reputation. Make informed decisions and know your stuff!

Follow-up automation: In a hyper-connected world, it’s important to continue to show your interest with simple follow-ups. Why? Because other job seekers will be doing just that! Standing out is more important than ever. Of course, you don’t bombard the prospective employer. Instead, AI automation tools can help you schedule simple yet personal follow-ups to thank the employer for their time or check in on the process.

Should AI be avoided when applying for new roles?

Overreliance: Remember, there will be more than one application. AI tools should be an aide, not the lead approach when applying to roles. Relying too heavily on AI tools without human judgment can lead to generic applications and missed opportunities to showcase unique qualifications and experiences. Your intuition is the key!

The personal approach: While some tools can offer personalisation, will your true personality shine through? Networking and ensuring personality is apparent in all aspects of your job search is a must. So, if you are using AI aides in your search make sure that you are injecting your personality into automated messages and communications.

Cost and competition: As we mentioned earlier, not everyone will have access to the same tools. So, it’s important to not put all your trust in one technique. Those with access to better quality tools might prove to be bigger competition. With this in mind, it’s once again important to use your own personality, skills and professionalism as the guiding force in your search.

Inaccuracies and lack of focus on skills: AI tools may not capture the full scope of your abilities, achievements and potential. Furthermore, it might not always match you with the most suitable positions based on skills and responsibilities. Ensure that everything is checked over and proof read everything so that all information is accurate.

Here for your IT job search!

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