Meet ‘Grok’ – Elon Musk’s new AI platform

In the world of tech and AI, there’s an exciting face-off happening as Tesla’s big boss, Elon Musk, introduces ‘Grok,’ his brand-new AI model.

At present, Grok is in the testing phase. However, it won’t be long before it becomes accessible to subscribers on Musk’s X platform. Grok’s distinguishing feature is its unique capacity to analyse user posts on X (formerly Twitter). What truly sets Grok apart is its ability to do more than provide answers. It’s effective at coming up with the right questions and even throws in some humour with its sarcasm.

Musk recently tweeted about Grok, where he highlighted its real-time data access through the platform, clearly setting it ahead of other models. Musk couldn’t help but add a playful twist, making light of Grok’s fondness for sarcasm.

Grok-1 is already making waves by outperforming GPT-3.5, the model you find in the free version of ChatGPT, especially when it comes to tackling middle-school math problems. But here’s the twist—Grok-1 still has some catching up to do to reach the summit, occupied by GPT-4.

What adds to the intrigue is that Musk was one of the founding minds behind OpenAI, the brains behind ChatGPT. However, he chose to part ways back in 2018, citing differences in vision and a jam-packed schedule managing his other ventures. Musk isn’t shy about voicing his concerns about the pace of development in supercharged AI systems. In fact, he even supported a call for a six-month hiatus in their development just this past March.

This makes us question his input strategy in the development of AI – is he in or is he out?

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