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IT Recruitment Advice: Is the job offer right for you?

For today’s IT Recruitment advice, we want to focus on the job offer. In today’s climate, many people are feeling the uncertainty and want to ensure they’re in a secure position. We totally understand this. The cost of living news is weighing heavily on many people.

So, is this making people rush into accepting a job offer? If you have just finished an IT job interview process, you’ve already come a long way! Then, you get that all important call…you’ve got the job!

Well, the job offer at least. Now is the time to really reflect on the process as a whole. Here’s what to do to make sure this job offer is the right one for you!

Knowing the role is the right choice

As we said, you have done an amazing job to get through the interviews and receive an offer. However, the hard work isn’t quite over just yet. Here’s what you need to do before giving an answer to the company.

  • Look at the details with a clear mind: consider all of the information and look at it from a clear perspective. Make sure it will challenge you, that it offers progression and will make you the happiest you can be in your career.
  • Ask yourself why you started looking in the first place: Think about the reasons you decided to start searching for a new role – what was lacking in your role or what issues encouraged you to leave? Look at all your resources from the new offer; contract, job specification, conversations
    with the employer. Does anything potentially mirror the issue you had previously?
  • The questions you asked the employer: What questions did you ask in the interview? Do you feel you have all the answers you need to make a definite decision? If not, ask these questions; they have offered you the role now, so will be open to answering your questions so they can get you on board! Your recruiter can help with this too.
  • Questions to ask yourself: There are some things the employer cannot answer. It is now time to really make sure it works for you and your life outside of work. Is the commute reasonable? Will the culture allow for a great work-life balance?

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