IT Jobs - Remote Working Tips

IT Jobs & remote working – our top tips

Within IT Jobs, is productivity achievable when working from home? Of course it is. In fact, it is achievable in any industry where remote working is possible. However, it can take some getting used to.

It is especially harder to adapt when you are working a hybrid model. These are two very different environments. How can you ensure your days at home are not spent being distracted? That’s where we come in. These simple tips will send you on your way towards remote working success within an IT job!

If you are a manager, make sure you encourage these tips within your team. You can also explore our blog which outlines how you can manage a remote IT team effectively!

Tips for your days working at home

There used to be many misconceptions about remote working. Will the employee watch morning TV instead of answering emails? This is quite an outdated view! The pandemic definitely trained people in the ways of remote working, but here are a few tips to help you maintain productivity.

Ensure you have everything you need

There’s nothing worse than settling down to tackle your to-do list and realising you don’t have all the resources you need. Is your home equipment suited to the job? It’s good to make a note of what might hinder your progress. You can then raise this with management who can support you. In your next chat with your manager, let them know what would help you when working at home.

Communication methods

When you’re in the office, it is easier to get answers when face to face. Identify different channels of communication and when you need to use them. Instead of emails, create a team Slack or Discord for urgent messages only. This will help when your email inbox is looking full. If you ever want time with management, using Zoom or Teams is a more effective way to communicate.

A designated work space

Step away from the bed and the sofa! Find an area of focus and stay there when it’s work time! If it’s a nice day and you have outdoor space, sitting in or near the natural light will really help.

Identify your key tasks

Are there tasks that are super urgent but you have put them off? Now is the time to tackle them. Free from the office distractions, you can really focus on what needs to be done. Getting these done first thing is the most effective way to do this…otherwise known as ‘Eating that Frog’! This book recommendation is particularly good for the to-do lists involved in IT jobs!

Be comfortable – but not too comfortable

Aside from a designated work space, you need to feel productive in yourself too. So, a pajama working from home day should be avoided. Onesies are also banned! Now, we’re not saying to dress super formally. However, choosing a comfortable outfit and sticking to the ‘getting ready’ morning routine will put you in the working mindset.

Maintain a work-life balance

Without a commute to contend with, we encourage you to use this time for yourself. Do not start work early or finish late. In the morning, there are many activities to get your brain into gear. In the evening, use the extra time to prepare a nice dinner or for quality time with family. At lunchtime, get outside for some fresh air (weather permitting!) Simple things make a big difference!

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