Software Developer Jobs Key Skills

Software Developer Jobs: The most sought after skills

At TechNET IT, software developer jobs are a big part of our IT Recruitment services. As with any role, the focus and skills required are always evolving with the times.

Furthermore, the way in which software teams work has changed massively. Not only are companies building remote software development teams, but they are also using more contract talent for key projects. As a result, each hiring process is never the same as another.

Whether you are wondering what skills to improve as a software developer or what you should prioritise when hiring, here’s everything you need to know!

The most important skills for software developer jobs

In such a technical field, the first thing people naturally look for is the technical skills. While this is of course important, it shouldn’t be the main priority. Each facet of a talented software developer needs to be evaluated equally, to determine the perfect fit.

Coding Languages

This is a given! However, a broad understanding and implementation of these is a sign of a great developer. Below are just some of the most in demand programming languages right now…

  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Python
  • SQL
  • Node.js

Knowledge is power & the importance of soft skills

Intricate knowledge of their field is a winning characteristic of a software developer. Yes, they know the programming languages. However, they need to apply everything they know to a multitude of different aspects. Many of these aspects include very important soft skills.

For instance, any software developer will tell you they have had their share of problem solving. To tackle these, they need to have a good understanding of the common problems faced in their role. With this in hand, they can help the company overcome these with a calm attitude and good communication.

Communication and the ability to work with others is also paramount. From applying their skills to the company philosophy to embracing shared code-ownership, software developers must show they are a team player through and through. With this, data management and being open to suggestions on how this is done within the company is also crucial.

Keeping up with related trends

As the world of technology grows, many trends and sectors come to the forefront. In the last few years, the increasing importance of cyber security should be on software developers radars. It means software developers will be need to evolve from tried and tested methods of security measures. As such, we expect to see thorough knowledge of cyber security trends as important aspects of this role.

Embracing the creative side of their talents will also be important for software developers. Why? Thanks to automation, more of the repetitive tasks of this role can become automated. It means the more mundane tasks are covered and time can be spent on innovation. So, software developers need to show they can bring great ideas to the table.

Need assistance with your software development recruitment needs?

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