IT Recruitment Startup Strategy

IT Recruitment in start-ups: Attracting talent and avoiding hiring pitfalls

In need of IT Recruitment advice specifically for start-ups? You’re in the right place! Making the right hire is important for any size business. However, for start-ups, it could mean the difference between a successful first year or an uphill battle to secure funding.

Furthermore, you need to attract talent who might already be comfortable in their role and are more hesitant to consider the start-up life. That is not to say there are no people who would jump at the chance!

At TechNET IT, we have supported many start-ups with their crucial hires. So, we wanted to share some insights on how to win the best talent and avoid those hiring pitfalls!

How to create an IT Recruitment strategy in a start-up

So it’s time to make a crucial hire. It’s both exciting and nerve inducing – you need this to go well! The great thing about a start-up is that you have a clean slate. It’s your chance to set hiring parameters that will define your company moving forward. We recommend setting out your company values and choosing 5 core traits and skills you want in future employees. This will immediately help you communicate what type of candidates you are looking for.

The next thing to do is reach out to specialist IT recruiters who will have a pool of talent in your area of expertise. Talk them through the company plans, your goals and the 5 core traits. Creating a recruitment relationship early on means you will always have a familiar presence to help you through all future hires.

Employer branding is important. While you might not have the headcount or years of marketing that a bigger company has, use social media and marketing channels to communicate exactly what the company is about.

What skills should you look for in an IT hire?

If you’re not familiar with the specifics of certain roles, don’t fear. Your recruitment partner has got this covered. Of course, technical skills for an IT hire are important. However, here are some key skills we recommend you take into consideration…

  • Data Analysis – The capabilities we have with data are huge. Knowing what to do with that data can make a company soar or see them falling behind. A person who can interpret your early data can help you make informed decisions that will help company growth.
  • Client facing skills – Early in your company journey, the first interactions with potential customers really count. Someone with confidence in this will make a fantastic early hire.
  • Ability to keep calm and focused – Stress comes with any role and should never be ignored. If stress is an ongoing theme within a company, there’s a big problem. However, finding people who can adjust to a fast-paced environment will help counter this. With that said, make sure to always check in on the team during busy periods.
  • A varied work experience – The dream would be to have a specialist for every single role, right? Well, this isn’t possible when time and money are of the essence. So, consider someone with a varied work history who can help with more than one aspect of the business and won’t be focused on one specific responsibility.

Avoid the common hiring mistakes!

When it comes to the smaller start-up bubble, personalities matter. So, a common mistake made is that companies will hire the best interviewer…not the best candidate. You might feel the more energetic candidate is perfect for the environment, but you need to refer back to the five core traits and skills. Which candidate is reflecting all of these in both past experience and what they say in the interview? It might not necessarily be the most vocal of the interviewees.

We have already spoken about creating relationships with a specialist recruiter. As a start-up, do not be swayed by recruitment fees. They are in place to secure you the right person. Ultimately, it will not be as expensive as making the completely wrong hiring decision.

Finally, have a timeline in place. Without one, you will find focus will be lost. Don’t set a standard where candidate screening, interview arrangements and final interviews are all out of sync. Candidates will be quickly put off an unorganised process.

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