IT Recruitment Goals and strategy

IT Recruitment goals – planning your 2024 hiring strategy

What are your IT recruitment goals for 2024? As companies prepare to welcome a new year, planning and strategy meetings are in full swing. It’s a perfect time to look at your hiring strategy and define what 2024 will look like.

In a dynamic and ever-evolving job market, strategic workforce planning is essential for healthy organisational growth. So, in this post we will be discussing key points to consider in your strategy for the year ahead.

What are your current workforce needs?

The best place to start is right now! Before any kind of forward planning, it’s important to evaluate the current team. This helps to identify skills, assess employee workload, and consider upcoming projects that may require additional support. With this, you will be able to set realistic hiring goals with a clear vision of what is needed once any immediate gaps are filled. Stay informed about industry trends and anticipate changes that may impact your hiring strategy. If you’re ready to adapt to new technology or a change in customer behaviour, your recruitment strategy will flourish.

Outline your top 5 IT recruitment objectives

All team objectives should align with the overall business goals. So, if increased revenue is a big business goal, would expanding the team by a certain number of people be a good objective to help that happen? Perhaps the objective is to find an expert in a specific field who can fill a skills gap. Another objective could be to focus on diversity and inclusion in your hiring process (more on this next!) Knowing these objectives will help you plan ahead and make the right decisions throughout the hiring process. If you’re going in without clear objectives, the process won’t be streamlined…and candidates will notice this!

Diversity, inclusion and accessibility

A diverse and inclusive workforce contributes to innovation, creativity, and overall business success. In 2024, make it a priority to set specific goals for diversity and inclusion in your hiring process. Establish metrics to track progress and create an inclusive environment that attracts and retains top talent from all backgrounds.

It’s also important to increase your accessibility as a business. Simply championing remote working will open your business up to a huge pool of talent. Consider how remote work can be integrated into your hiring goals. This approach will accommodate the preferences of many job seekers, leading to increased employee satisfaction and retention.

Your recruitment tools – it’s time to invest!

There is so much technology at your fingertips that can help streamline your hiring process and achieve those recruitment goals. Applicant tracking systems, AI-powered recruitment tools, and data analytics can enhance efficiency and help identify the most qualified candidates. It’s time to evaluate your current recruitment tech stack and find out what you are missing. The time saved and the increased quality of candidates will work wonders for your business.

Consider extra support at all times

When planning your hiring strategy, it’s easy to focus on permanent IT recruitment as the priority. However, it’s time to expand those horizons when setting your goals. You never know when you will need quick and immediate support on a project. Perhaps someone leaves unexpectedly or the workload is just too high. With this in mind, an IT contract recruitment strategy should align with your overall goals. Do you have a pool of known contractors? If not, make it your goal to start building this network…they could be the lifeline you need!

Here for your IT Recruitment needs

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