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IT Recruitment in The Netherlands

The Netherlands has a prosperous and open economy, which depends heavily on foreign trade. The economy is noted for stable industrial relations, fairly low unemployment and inflation, a sizable current account surplus (compared to the size of the country even more than Germany) and an important role as a European transportation hub, with Rotterdam as by far the biggest port in Europe and Amsterdam with one of the biggest airports in Europe

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Facts about the Netherlands

The Wilhelmus is the oldest national anthem in the world

Both the words and music date from the 16th century, and in it the Dutch king speaks of “Dietse Bloed” which is an old word for Nederlands (Dutch).

Gin was invented by the Dutch

introduced to the Brits.

The Netherlands is the healthiest country in the world

for diet and is ranked first in the world, above France and Switzerland, for having the most plentiful, nutritious, healthy and affordable food among 125 countries.

The Netherlands is the lowest country in Europe

It is literally a low country, as it’s sometimes called, with 26 percent of the Netherlands sitting below sea level and some 60 percent of the population living 5m below sea level. It’s highest point is Vaalserberg which is just 322 meters above sea level and the lowest point is Zuidplaspolder which is seven meters below sea level.

Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport offers more direct flights than any airport

in 2016, Schiphol operated 4,633 flights per week in 2016, according to a report by Dutch economic institute SEO on behalf of the Airport Council International. Schiphol is 100 percent government-owned and handles around 60 million passengers per year.