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IT Recruitment in Norway

Norway is a Nordic country found in Northern Europe and has a colourful history and is full of culture.

TechNET provides a range of IT recruitment resources and support in Norway, delivering a comprehensive end to end experience for our customers.

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Facts about Norway

The Nobel Peace Prize is awarded in Oslo

The Norwegian capital has been the proud venue of the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony every year (with just a few exceptions) since 1901.

The world's longest road tunnel is in Norway at an astonishing 15 miles (24.5 km) long

the Lærdal Tunnel is the world’s longest.

Norway is home to Hell. A little over one thousand Norwegians can say they live in Hell

The small village is within walking distance of Trondheim's international airport and even has its own train station.

Modern and ancient skiing were invented in Norway

This one should come as no surprise given the Norwegian obsession with skiing and their success at international level.

Norway isn't called Norway! At least, not in Norwegian

Norway is the name of the country in the English language. In Norwegian, the country is called Norge.