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IT Recruitment in Finland

Finland is a Nordic country found in Northern Europe. It is not as well-known as its Scandinavian neighbours, but it has a colourful history and is full of culture.

TechNET provides a range of IT recruitment resources and support in Finland, delivering a comprehensive end to end experience for our customers.

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Facts about Finland

Finland created a National Failure Day in 2010

It certainly sounds weird, yet it makes sense as it permits Finnish people to learn from their mistakes and not repeat them!

Finnish people drink more coffee per person

With an average of 12 kg per year, Finnish people drink more coffee per person than anyone else in the world.

There are no payphones in Finland

Is this because it's the home of Nokia?

Excellent education system

Finland has been ranked for years among the 5 best countries in the world for its excellent education system.

Long summer days

In June and July, the sun doesn't drop below the horizon.