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IT Recruitment in Austria

Austria officially the Republic of Austria, is a landlocked East Alpine country in the southern part of Central Europe. It is composed of nine federated states (Bundesländer), one of which is Vienna, Austria’s capital and its largest city.

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Facts about Austria

Not a NATO member

Austria is the only European Union nation that is not a member of NATO.

Baroness Bertha von Suttner

Austro-Hungarian Baroness Bertha von Suttner was the first woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize in 1905.

Founded in 1752 as an animal menagerie by Emperor Franz Stephan

Vienna’s Schönbrunn Tiergarten is the oldest zoo in the world.

The magic words for wine drinkers in Vienna are ein Achtel (an eighth of a litre)

which is the most common serving size in Vienna.

The name Austria derives from a Germanic word ‘austro’

which means ‘east’.