Candidate Testimonials

Neave is a very cheerful and supportive person. She has the ability to motivate people and lift their spirits up, while at the same time approaching the situation in a professional manner. She constantly followed up after every step of the application process, keeping me informed and updated.

Stefan A

Neave is an amazing professional, her ability to handle recruitment process was unlike any I’ve seen before, she would be an asset to institutions that will hire her.

Neelaksh V

Neave was very helpful in finding me my upcoming role at a great company. She supported me throughout the recruitment process and provided excellent advice and help on all levels. I found Neave and her company very professional and helpful. Highly recommended.

Tomasz M

I found Neave to be professional and 100% consistent at following up on previously agreed tasks. She always did what she said she would, she never let me down in what was needed and her manner and presentation style was a pleasure to receive, She was a credit to the organisation she represented and I really hope to be working with her again in the near future.

James W

Working with Neave was a pleasure! Her warm, friendly approach and regular updates reassured me during my recruitment process. Neave always had the time to answer my emails and phone calls in a timely manner, I never felt left in the dark or waiting for a response. Neave Connell is a credit TechNET IT Recruitment!

Joshua L

I am pleased to write this recommendation for Mr. Aaron Nahil. I have used his recruitment services on my most recent occasion. He is recognized as a top service provider in the IT recruitment industry and offers excellent results. He managed to arrange the most suitable time for my interview and negotiate really good contract conditions.

I have no hesitation in recommending his services and I will certainly call on him again if the need arises


Its been a pleasure to work with Daniel May. He is very precise, very commercial and very aware of all the challenges and opportunities in the contractor space both in domestic UK assignments and overseas..


I have found Daniel to be enthusiastic, motivated and personable. He has many industry contacts and has his finger on the pulse of what’s going on in my areas of specialisation. I am very confident that working with Daniel May in the future, he will be able to secure me a new contract..

Martin C

Alongside Its been a pleasure to work with Daniel May. He is very precise, very commercial and very aware of all the challenges and opportunities in the contractor space both in domestic UK assignments and overseas.. being personable and genuine, Joe is one of the best recruiters I have worked with. He kept me up to date throughout the process and secured me a fantastic position. I would recommend his services to any client or candidate.


Thank you so much for all the hard work you have put forth in assisting me in finding more than a job, a rewarding career. Your attention to detail is to be commended as you were always encouraging and kept me well informed throughout the entire process. What a relief to actual work with a professional individual and organization

Michael D

Chris has been an absolute gem to work with – he’s personable, friendly and motivated, and he helped me find my current role – a role that suits me to the ground. He worked hard to help me achieve this, and his communication skills have been flawless throughout – a really great guy, I’d recommend him in a heartbeat.


Alex is a highly recommended professional. Contacted me regarding a role on Thursday and I was employed by Friday. Cannot get better than that.


Aaron is an excellent professional in his area. Every doubt I had, he explained to me; every issue with papers, payments, etc, he took care of everything. Although his job is to place people in job positions, he never talk to me as if I were a number in his files, so the human touch (something the world is loosing these days) is something I really appreciate. For this reasons, together with the fact he got me a great job, I highly recommend Aaron Nahil if anyone is ever in need of finding a job (in his area of expertise, of course). Thank you Aaron.

Alejandro H

Joe is really friendly person , helpful and professional. After less than 3 weeks with Joe’s help I got new job and he is the best agent I ever was working with, so many thanks for helping.

So I can just highly recommend Joe!


It’s not often you find someone who has a great deal of passion for what the do. Neil is one of these rare individuals. He gives guidance, a great motivator and more importantly keeps you updated at all times (even if there is no update!). It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Neil


Aaron found me my current role at Horizon Strategic Partners. The role is in the Groovy on Grails space, which is pretty specialised. He was very pro-active and kept me in the loop all the way through the process. He did what he said he would.

I would have no hesitation in recommending him on either side of the table, to both employers and employees.


Aaron is with out question one of the best agents that I have worked with, personal, friendly and easy to get along with making the process of finding work smooth. He goes the extra mile and is not just interested in getting the commission, I feel he is genuinely interested in the candidate and placing that person in the right company. I will always look to work with him in the future as and when the need arises.


I have been a contract developer for over 9 years and have had a lot of experience of working with recruiters. I can honestly say that Neil is one of the most professional, likeable and sincere consultants I’ve ever dealt with. Neil will always keep you informed of how your application is progressing, will ensure you have all of the information you need to be successful at interview and moves the recruitment process move along in a very simple, efficient manner. Neil is a pleasure to deal with and I look forward to working with Neil again in the future


Chris contacted me with a job opportunity which suited my skill-set and career goals perfectly. He worked incredibly hard to keep up communications between myself and my prospective employer and always made himself available whenever I needed to speak to him. Thanks to Chris the whole process was extremely quick and easy and I would definitely recommend him to others.


Neil recruited me recently for a contract role; he was very effective in finding a great match for my abilities. I would work with Neil again


This guy is seriously on the ball! He received my resume on a Monday and like magic within 2 weeks he organized me my dream job with Creator, and that was all organized with me being in South Africa.
Can’t wait to get to London and take him out for drink to thank him in person!
You the man Nathan!

Jan-Christiaan B

Having worked with many recruiters, I can safely say that Chris is on top of his game. He has a very professional attitude, always follows up promptly and takes every effort to make sure the candidate is fully prepared at each stage of the process. Chris is a superb recruiter to work with.


As a contractor, I appreciate that Aaron looks at the whole candidate rather simply ticking clients’ boxes. He’s a great facilitator and is genuinely involved at all stages of the recruitment process. I’d recommend him unreservedly!


My experience with Neil was unlike other agents. Neil has never tried to influence or intimidate me to change my decisions or take interviews that I have not been keen on. I have had a very pleasant well-tailored experience with Neil, and the particularly important points to note were the very friendly approach he has and his professional manner.


I had the pleasure to work with Michael. A very professional individual. He helped me in finding a suitable position in a very quick time and also guided me through out the process of selection. A brilliant recruiter who understands the technical and personal needs of a person seeking a job translates it to suitable opportunities.


Had the pleasure of dealing with Chris in the acquisition of my latest role, which I am hugely excited about. I never had to wait more than a hour for Chris to return my calls. He was consistently helpful and accommodating and represented me very professionally with our shared client. I have never progressed into a new role as quick as this time around. Just under a week from responding to an advert on Jobserve to a firm offer. Wow! What can I say. Way to go Chris. Cheers


Over the course of 2 weeks I was approached, interviewed and finally landed the job through Brett’s outstanding efforts. Not only was the role exactly what I was after, Brett was personable throughout and eventually managed to negotiate a great deal for me. I couldn’t recommend highly enough!


Chris did a great job with helping me find a job. He was very focused on the details. Everything was just perfect. Chris, thanks for your efforts!


Neil approached me with regard to a contract. He had obviously done his homework well as my skill set fitted the job requirements very well. He arranged the interviews and when I took the job he oversaw the setting up of the contracts, NDA, payroll etc, even though it wasn’t strictly part of his remit. He also followed up after the start date to ensure everything was ok.


Chris is extremely professional whilst being personable. I would recommend Chris to anyone wanting to recruit.


I told Aaron this would sound like a Craig David tune, so here goes.. Spoke with Aaron on Tuesday, had the Interview on Wednesday, got the Job on Thursday, finished Current Contract on Friday, MOT’d the car on Monday and started the New Contract on Tuesday..


Neil is the recruitment consultant who helped me secure my role at CreatorMail via TechNET IT Recruitment. Throughout the process he was diligent, professional, courteous, honest and straight talking. Nothing was too much trouble and he was always available for contact either at the office , on his mobile or via e mail. He made the whole process very easy for me and he is in contact now that I am on site. I have been contracting since 1997 and Neil is up there with the best that I have dealt with. Therefore I would have no hesitation in recommending Neil or TechNET IT to any other Contractor.


Michael was the recruitment agent who placed me in one of the best placements in my career. He has an understanding of the particular technology skills required for RDBMS positions and is very personable as well. I am very pleased with his work.


Neil is the best recruiter I have ever worked, as he sticks to the point, no unnecessary questions, no unnecessary calls. His call makes sure that he has a opportunity and communicates the exact point what client needs and if we have that we will be IN. I really foresee to work with him again and again.


Michael has been really proactive in all his interactions. I did not have to worry about ‘what next’ at any point and was kept updated all the time. He has also been really prompt keeping the turnaround time to the minimum. I highly recommend Michael as a recruitment consultant and wish him all the best.


Michael is a great recruiter who helped me further my career by taking a chance on me and recommending me for jobs that were a definite step higher than other recruiters at the time. I would definitely go to Michael first if I am ever back in the job market, though I am still very happy with my current role that he helped me to find


Brett, in my opinion is an extremely professional recruitment consultant. During my month long interview process with my current employer, he was the one who has provided me valuable input about the process, guided me in the right direction, and even when there was delay, frustration and uncertainty, he was the one who kept in touch and never fails to raise morale. Brett is the reason I’m working where I’m working,and I would have no hesitation to recommend him to any other person/organization looking for a recruitment consultant.


Brett is a fantastic recruitment agent. He is very professional and was always available to give me information when I needed it. He gave me valuable inputs during the recruitment process and is one of the key reasons for me landing the job. I would wholeheartedly recommend Brett to anyone looking for a recruitment consultant!


Brett is truly breath of fresh air when it comes to his sector, I have worked with many people till to-date and have to say he is very pragmatic, professorial and keeps his cool when it comes to dealing with situations. He knows his clients needs very well and will do his best to provide the right solutions for them.


Brett was excellent in finding the right job that matched my skills, experience and requirements. He worked hard to make sure I had all the information and was fully prepared for the interview. He is excellent in saving a great deal of time throughout the recruitment process. I would highly recommend Brett as a recruiter and will definitely contact him again when job hunting!


Chris was great finding me the right job opportunity. If in one way companies want to select the very best, on the other way around I wanted to be working for the right employer.

I’ve been in contact with some other great agencies, but I believe what made Chris and TechNET IT the “winners” was their persistency.

Chris has got loads of energy and was able to reach me back in a moment when I was mostly retreating from selection processes in order to study more for interviews.

Been there, done that, got the job. Then comes the icing on the cake: after getting an offer, he an TechNET IT made sure every step was taken to prevent me from getting to other opportunities, ensuring the right delivery of the right candidate to the right company.

In the end we all came out of the selection process in a win-win-win situation.


Neil is a great recruitment consultant and highly professional. He always keeps you informed of progress and is extremely supportive through the whole recruitment process. I cannot speak more highly of Neil and have no hesitation or reservation in recommending him for his help and interest in my search for a new role. Neil is a credit to his company, TechNET IT Recruitment, reflecting a great work ethos and I would recommend both him and TechNET IT to anyone who is looking for work in this sector of the job market. Fantastic job Neil! Thank you!


Neil contacted me with a job opportunity which I have subsequently accepted. I have found Neil to be very professional, approachable and informative throughout the recruitment process. I would definitely recommend Neil and TechNET IT to anyone looking for a new job and they will definitely be the first people I contact if I find myself back on the job market.


Neil is a good guy and did a great job finding me suitable positions when I was recently looking for work. If I was to find myself in the job market again I would use Neil again with no reservations.


Neil Randell is a true professional and conducts himself in a way that reflects the TechNET ethos – Client care and employee satisfaction. I was lucky enough to have his expertise on board during my difficult time of searching for a digital e-commerce position within the southwest area. Neil successfully arranged a first interview for an online manager position in Cheltenham. The salary was more than other positions I had applied for with other agents. He was kind enough to call for a catch up after the interview and managed to source some feedback, consequently I was given a second interview and offered the position the same day. I have to thank Neil for his drive and passionate work ethic to really represent my skillset and added value to the company. I wish him all the best in the future.


Neil is one of the best Recruitment consultant I have worked with in my job search. He was very much focused on what he was doing. He gave as much information as possible regarding the role and about the company. He also made recruitment process very easy and helped me to find the right role.


Neil played a key part in my successful application to Data Tote. After the interview he kept me well informed of progress and when the client was wavering as to whether to take me on or not, Neil came back to me with further queries from them. I am sure his discussions with me and subsequent response to them ensured that my application was successful.


Neil helped me find a new job. Very good communication and the whole process went smooth and timely. Thanks for the help


Neil was very instrumental in helping me get my new role. He kept me up-to-date with progress of my application and also provided very good interview pointers. He was professional throughout the process and responded to any queries I had very quickly and professionally.


I’ve dealt with a lot of recruitment agents and frankly, have had more bad experiences than good. However, I can honestly say that Aaron has been the best recruiter that I’ve dealt with. He’s helpful, friendly & knowledgeable but most importantly, he gets the little things right that so many recruiters get wrong: he calls when he says will, he follows up issues, gets answers and can be relied upon to sort any problems that arise quickly, politely and professionally. Aaron does his industry a great service and hopefully more recruiters will aspire to be more like him!


Neil was a great help to me on achieving a successful application. Neil made the initial contact and identified my suitability for the role. I found him to be very helpful, polite and he was able to follow up my queries promptly. Neil ensured I had all the relevant information before each interview and I appreciated the interest he took in me as a candidate.


As part of a recent job hunt, Neil provided recruitment agency services. His approach was to get to know me well, such that he had faith in presenting me to his client, rather than just submitting CVs blindly. I was always kept informed of the situation, despite quite a long delay, and Neil helped to provide up-to-date and accurate information to ensure that I interviewed well and showed my abilities to their maximum. Without hesitation, I would recommend Neil both to recruiters and candidates.


Craig assisted me in securing a new DBA position. Throughout the process he dealt with my application professionally and quickly and kept me regularly informed. I found Craig to be very supportive and proactive in assisting me where necessary. I’d like to recommend Craig to anyone and would be happy to work with him again in future.


Chris is very focused on his work and objectives. He is extremely patient and believe that patience in work with me was the key. His wide knowledge about the tech market and people behaviors, helped me, and in fact caused that I got the job. Very good job:) He is a professional in each minute of his work. He is the best recruiter I ever worked with!


I found working with Alex to be superb, I was kept you to date with every stage of the recruitment process, never had to call him first for any news and found every dialogue with him both polite and informative. I would recommend working with Alex to anyone.


Neil has been a great help and I really appreciate the way he has always been there for any queries that I ever had. He has often been proactive in his genuine concern.

I can also remember that Neil proved a great help when I had to take an unexpected week off


Thomas helped me seek one of my previous Unix administrator contracts. He possesses nice recruiting skills and has an an exceptional eye for detail. Moreover I found him having splendid work ethic. I would certainly like him to help me find my future contracts or permanent positions. I have great pleasure in recommending his work.


Aaron is a highly efficient recruiter who pushes the applications quickly and successfully. He follows up on his contractors, keeps them informed about developments. I will do business with him any time again

I have worked with Martin for a couple of years now and on a number of engagements. In that time I have found him to be the consumate professional. He is personable, efficient and has always shown a high-level of integrity. I have no hesitation in recommending Martin’s services as a recruitment agent.