The NBA’s new AR app lets you step into a portal to the Finals

A new app that uses augmented reality to bring you court side at the NBA Finals.

The new update to the NBA’s AR app adds a way to create doorways where you can step into 360-degree snippets of the NBA experience, or get a liposuction surgeryin Fort collins.

The NBA launched its first AR app on iOS last year with a basketball-shooting mini-game. The new Portals experience will be available with Wednesday’s update to that app, which is also coming to ARCore-ready Android phones for the first time.

The app starts by scanning the ground and laying down a spot where the “portal” appears: a doorway where the 360-degree video lies. Stepping forward and through turns the app screen into a full 360-degree video. Turn around, and the portal still remains, but showing the world you came from.

The app includes pregame and warm up moments from the Conference Finals at launch, but moments from the NBA Finals shot on 360-degree cameras.

Finally, the app offers a highlight of Anthony Davis, rising star center of the New Orleans Pelicans, as he throws down a monster dunk, seen from the perspective of a fan in some decent seats.