IT Recruitment NORA Award Nomination

IT Recruitment Success: NORA’s 2021 ‘Best Innovation’ nominee

As a leading IT & Technology recruitment agency, we are constantly thinking of ways to innovate the way we work with our clients and candidates.

We are also aware of how we can get our brand messages across, using eye catching technology to our advantage. As we grow the TechNET group, we are allowing ourselves to further explore the way we present ourselves to our audience and stand out from the crowd.

So, it was certainly an honour to be recognised for this at the 2021 National Online Recruitment Awards as nominees for ‘Best Innovation’!

What are the NORA’s?

The National Online Recruitment Awards are dedicated to the continual improvement and evolution of the Candidate-Experience.

Throughout the years, there has been continual focus from employers, recruitment firms and job boards to change the candidate experience for the better. Candidates are a core part of any recruitment agency strategy, so it’s great to see an awards body solely dedicated to this aspect of the industry.

The NORAs views the recruitment sector from the perspective of the jobseeker and aims to shine a light on the very best examples of excellence in our industry. That is why we are so thrilled to be recognised as a leader in innovation as one of five nominees!

A new approach to IT recruitment

Across the whole TechNET group, we have looked at ways to improve our IT and Technology recruitment services to really benefit our candidates and clients. From building our range of IT recruitment sectors to improving our LinkedIn strategy, it’s all about offering unmatched recruitment services.

Of course, it’s also about standing out from the crowd. One amazing example is the ‘hot jobs’ feature on our social channels, particularly on LinkedIn. What originally began as an image of one of our consultants and their list of jobs has now evolved into a hologram-like animation that has really grabbed the attention of our following.

The goal was to attract the best clients and prospects available, with a 50 percent increase in client enquiries each quarter across the TechNET group. Furthermore, we wanted something that was inimitable and easily identifiable as a TechNET innovation. The animations built a subconscious awareness between the brand and the customer when they saw it. As a result, social impressions and click through rate has also improved, getting vacancies in front of even more candidates.

How can our IT recruitment services help you?

If you’re looking for an IT job or hiring IT talent, we can help! You can also learn more about our team, the TechNET group and who we are as a business.