5G is creating new possibilities for next-generation network functions

Samsung Electronics and SK Telecom have recently announced the successful development and trial of the next-generation 5G core network. The two companies will deliver the next-generation core network which enables operators to instantaneously install and swiftly deploy customised solutions and services.

Operators will be able to utilise network resources more effectively with this core network solution, for instance, when data traffic spikes, operators will be able to move capacity to flexibly adapt to the sudden changes in their networks.

Thanks to the enhanced capabilities that 5G brings, the two companies plan to discover new 5G use cases to efficiently deploy, provision and activate the new applications. Samsung and SKT are building advanced network capabilities  to enable to delivery of these new immersive capabilities to consumers, from AR/VR and cloud gaming to autonomous driving and smart factory use cases.

Jong-kwan Park, vice president and head of 5GX Technology Group of SKT says:


The next-generation cloud core network applied with SCP will increase customer benefits through accelerated adoption of 5G-based products and services. We will continue to work closely with Samsung to develop breakthrough next-generation network technologies to realise innovative 5G use cases.


Wonil Roh, senior vice president and global head of product strategy, networks business at Samsung Electronics says:


Samsung’s cloud native 5G core will enable operators to have flexible and reliable networks that will play a key role in delivering a myriad of 5G use cases. With SKT, Samsung will continue to develop cutting edge technology to enable more 5G use cases, as well as bring additional values to our enterprise customers.


Samsung’s cloud native 5G core offers modularised and containerised Network Functions (NFs). New features and services can be quickly launched commercially at reduced operating cost. New applications can be efficiently introduced and SKT can upgrade its network more readily with the latest features.

SKT’s new Service Communication Proxy (SCP) intelligently controls communication of Network Functions, allowing only necessary NFs to communicate with each other depending on network traffic. With SCP, the communication efficiency among NFs has improved by 30%.

Samsung claims to be pioneer in the successful delivery of 5G end-to-end solutions including chipsets, radios, and core network technologies. First there was the 4G vCore in 2015 followed by the 5G NSA vCore in 2018 and now, Samsung claims to be leading the path to commercialisation of 5G SA core.